About the Project

Meow App is a product addition to the Meow website. Meow is on a mission to reunite cat allergy sufferers with their beloved feline friends by providing a once-daily all-natural supplement that helps reduce symptoms.

Meow App allows users to search, learn about, and purchase their favorite products from the Meow brand. With the reimagined interface, users are able to complete their actions with ease without being bogged down with unnecessary information.

The Challenge

To identify, test, and implement key features that would enhance the user's experiences from learning about to purchasing the product.

My Role + Process

To reimagine the application and website experience from start to end which included focusing on the packaging design and branding strategy. This demo is an example of one of the user flow journeys.

The Results

A decluttered interface with ease of use was developed.
Design solutions resulted in improved traffic flow.
The improved ability to find out what exactly is in the product closed the gap in customer knowledge.

Test + Learn + Iterate

Wireframe + Prototype

Research + Discover

Problem solving loop:

The Scenario

The user needs to make a refill purchase on the MEOW mobile app.
With their login credentials saved, the user is going to return to a previously saved cart and move forward with their purchase decision. The following illustrations will demonstrate the user purchase flow in the new interface.

Home Page

The home page takes a straightforward approach by providing the user with a friendly, easy to navigate interface. Simple and to the point, the home page offers easy access to various products, informs the customer about key ingredients, and provides reviews given by other consumers.

Feature section

To decrease the level of stress users experience when shopping, the user can easily make adjustments to their cart before moving into the payment system.

Checkout page

The checkout page is set up with a no hassle flow, making it easy to select a previously saved form of payment and add a promo code. The focus zeroed in on making the cart experience simple by only keeping the necessary purchasing information.


After purchase, the user is prompted to either continue exploring the app or to exit the system.

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